Artron BioResearch Inc.

Welcome to Artron BioResearch Inc.

Bringing Innovative Ideas to the Rapid Diagnostic Test Industry

Welcome to Artron BioResearch Inc.

Artron BioResearch Inc is a technology-based manufacturer specialized in the development and large-scale production of antibodies and antigens.

Employing the best practices in the development of rapid diagnostic technology has given the company invaluable hands-on expertise to provide our clients the best matched pairs of monoclonal antibodies and recombinant antigens in the industry. Our high specificity active antigens are ready for direct use in lateral flow, chemiluminescence, ELISA tests, and research-based immunoassays, to name a few.

At Artron, we are committed to going above and beyond to meet the specific challenges faced by the rapid diagnostic industry participants. Our focus on guiding our customers every step of the way allows our clients to receive best in class customer service.

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Antibodies for HCG Test

  • Best-selling antibodies.
  • No cross-reaction with LH, FSH and TSH.


    Antibodies for LH Test

  • One of the most demanded antibody pairs.
  • Antibodies for V. Cholerae Test

  • Capable of creating tests with sensitivity at104 CFU/ml or lower.
  • Specific for V. Cholerae O1, O1-Ogawa and O139 serotypes.
  • Antibodies for N. Gonorrhea Test

  • Capable of creating tests with sensitivity at 104 CFU/ml or lower.
  • Very specific for N. Gonorrhea.
  • Antibodies for Malaria Pf Test

  • Capable of detecting as low as 50 parasites/ml.
  • Readily meet the standards set by WHO panel.

  • Antibodies for HBsAg Test

  • Capable of creating tests with sensitivity of
    0.5 ng/ml for major HBsAg serological
    subtypes:adw, adr, ayw and ayr.
  • Antibodies for FOB Test

  • Very specific for human hemoglobin(No interference with hemoglobin from other species).
  • Capable of creating tests with sensitivity at30 ng/ml or lower.